Digital Storytelling Blog Carnival #1

Welcome to the first edition of the Digital Storytelling Carnival and for visiting the newly relaunched Video in the

Thank you for visiting and a special thank you to everyone who submitted an article. There’s a lot here to enjoy and learn from.

As long as interest keeps up I’d like to make this a monthly feature of the site. If you’d like to submit an article to next month’s carnival, please use this form. Enjoy!

Rationale for Video Production in the Classroom

Why Integrate Digital Video in the Classroom?
my own entry to the carnival. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need convincing but it may be helpful to have a common rationale for classroom video making adventures.

Paul Hardt reflects on providing audience for student work through video production which traditional paper and pencil classroom activities don’t always provide.

Film Theory and Techniques

PodPiper, Ted Lai, shares his preso for teaching cinema techniques based on AFI’s Screen Education Series.

Marco Torres, of Flickschool, presents this film on using storyboards to plan projects.

15 Lessons Learned in 2007 is Lee LeFever’s reflection on the power of video and keeping communication simple.

Dean Shareski asks the question, What Is Video? and explains different video types.

Design and Storytelling

Anthony of Students 2.0, reflects on a desire to see design in student video projects.

Tom of Bionic Teaching looked at storytelling as it relates to powerpoint slides.

Dan Meyer related storytelling to math, language, music and designed a storytelling class he’d like to teach. (I’d enroll if I could).

And I tried to explain some basic film language and how I “design” shots to assist the storytelling of a film.

Tech Tips

Tips for Shooting Decent Home Video from the Tip Diva.

Tools for becoming a better digital storyteller by Gail Desler.

Digital filmmaking with teens by Nick Pernisco of Understand Media.

Encoding and Streaming Flash in Kevin Hodgson’s Long Day’s Journey Into Video Streaming in which he manages to bypass commercial streaming sites and stream his own flash video from his school’s server. Kevin’s also great with clay animation.

How to choose a classroom camera from AFI’s Screen Education blog.

Microsoft PhotoStory tutorials are available at Anne Mirtschin’s Wild Garden.

Classroom Management and Podcasting

Alice Mercer writes about how she plans and produces weekly podcasts with her ELD students with specific time management tips for the busy teacher.


Larry Ferlazzo, who rivals David Letterman for his use of top ten lists, highlights the digital storytelling tool Scribd and explains its use for English Language Learners and shows us an example.

Alan Levine presents 50 different online tools to make the same movie.

Video Conferencing

Brian Crosby of Learning is Messy shares how his classroom used videoconferencing to include a home-bound student with leukemia in class lessons.


Tales from the Yard, First Grade Horror Film

A reading of What a Terrible Noise becomes an engaging film project for Kathy Epp’s Class 2i.

JoNelle Gardner’s iSurffers take you on a tour of their school.

Fred Mindlin makes a connection between string games and keyboarding in this film for his students.

That’s all for now. Until next time…Happy Filmmaking! -Mathew

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9 Responses to “Digital Storytelling Blog Carnival #1”

  1. Larry Ferlazzo Says:


    You should see my Stupid Pet Tricks!

    Very impressive Carnival…


  2. elona Says:

    This is just what I need. I want to do it, but am absolutely clueless about how to do it. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. A new semester starts Feb. 1 and I’ll have a better idea about what to do. Thank you all for this.

  3. John Rivera Says:

    Excellent blog carnival. If it is okay with you, I would like to share out this blog carnival at the next ITAF meeting as well as with my technology leader contacts. It is always a pleasure to read your blog posts.

  4. Janice Stearns Says:

    Hi Mathew,
    What a fantastic idea to gather ideas about digital storytelling and video in the classroom. Thanks always for your creativity in sharing ideas in innovative ways. I’ll be sharing this post and others with colleagues.

  5. Gisele Lee Says:

    Thank you for posting these short videos. Watching other people’s work helps me getting more ideas…!

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  9. Benefits of Vdeo Conferencing Says:

    About six months I witness the wonder of videoconferencing when I was asked to deliver my lecture from my university to a high school via video conferencing. First I was thinking it was just a camera recording my lecture and will make the necessary editing to show the high school students but later I realized that I was interacting with the students live. Great technology

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