Carnival of Education #156

Welcome to 156th Edition of the Carnival of Education and to my blog, Creating Lifelong Learners.

It’s my first time hosting and there is a lot to read and enjoy this week. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Submit an article to the next carnival.


Technology in the Classroom

Kevin Hodsgon, writing teacher, blogger, and rock star reflects on Two Weeks of Teaching Tech in his Meandering Mind.

Larry Ferlazzo presents The Best Web Sites for Helping Beginning Readers.

The Tempered Radical wants teachers to stop whining and excuse making and pick up some new tech tools.

Eric Koshinsky gives a list of ten things you can do with just one computer in your classroom.

Technology Matters suggests blogging as a new way of teaching writing.

Academhack offers many ways of using Twitter in the classroom.

Scenes from the Trenches

Jose in The Jose Vilson responds to a student’s coming out in Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Scenes from the Battleground presents Ammunition, a post about what to do if your students have a problem with throwing things.

Not all students like ice cream, some prefer to just eat lunch with their teacher in We Don’t All Scream for Ice Cream by Mister Teacher.

A rough but amusing week for Carol Richmeier in Afghanistan, Channeling Forest Gump, and Uh-oh.

A strange week for Miss Profe in It’s A (Hardknock) Teacher’s Life, Discombobulated.

Wishing, Praying, and Hoping in Ms. Bluebird’s classroom where they’re learning about weather.

Don’t Give Up

The Boy Who Couldn’t Write, a story of finding what works for a seven year old who won’t write, by Robin in Life Without School

Bad Neighbors from What It’s Like on the Inside is about not giving up on the students who everyone else has left behind.

Tamara Eden is disappointed in her students and addresses them in a letter.

Content Specific

Learning At Home looks at Greening Up Your Curriculum.

An alternative to Science Fairs, The Montreal Science Olympics by Bogusia Glaris.

Setting Up Your Class to Teach Social Studies by Noirlecroi.

How Should We Teach Arithemetic? by Denise in Let’s Play Math.

Chanman examines the bias and revisionism that goes into writing history textbooks in Textbook Trickery in Buckhorn Road.

Educational Theory and Policy

Eduwonkette examines how we view data and how it drives instruction in D3M Box Scores: Incentivists: 10, Instructionists: 1.

Living By Learning asks Do Schools Value the Gifted and Talented?

Nick Pernisco of asks Why teachers don’t teach Media Literacy in their classrooms?

John Holland reflects on a Martin Luther King lesson gone right (or wrong?)

Cash for Studying by Joanne Jacobs examines a study to see if paying low-income students for good test scores works.

Henry Cate of Why Homeschool? examines the educational beliefs of 1909.

Pat Hensley asks What Does Administrative Support Mean?

Troubles in teacher ed are examined in Passion, or Lack Thereof in Ed Schools by Edudiva.

Mark Pullen reminds us of the Importance of Recess.

Educational Politics

Homework Time in Under Assault reminds us we’ve got work to do to choose a candidate.

NYC Educator takes Mayor Bloomberg to task for asking principals to replicate his vision in The Vision Thing.

Mayoral Control and the Question for Albany by Seth Pierce in the NYC Students Blog.

The Usual Political Blabbering takes a look at teachers striking in Jeruselum for smaller class sizes.

Archvillain feels public schooling is a sinkhole in Class Warfare.

Mississippi’s Messing Up a Good Thing And Failing to Fix a Bad One in Life on the Planet.

The Real True Facts Behind the DOE Teacher Value-Added Project by Steve Perez in Edwize.

American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence reflects on a DOE meeting in Education Moving Forward.

Right on the Left Coast: Views From A Conservative Teacher by Darren.

Matt Johnston offers A Pox on Both Their Houses: A Worthless Debate About Educational Reform.

Ken DeRosa thinks It’s Time to Spot the Looney.

No Substitutions

Nancy Flanagan asks for No Substitutions remarking on how teacher absences lead to lower test scores.

Holly in Education Choices offers the Substitute Teacher Survival Kit.

Too Cool for School

Behind the Scenes of Rate My is Michael Arnzen’s interesting examination of the web site phenom.

Brain Fitness

Sharp Brains asks you to asks Is Your Brain Fit? and offers a peek inside your brain to see what’s going on in there.

Financial Fitness (Or Lack Thereof)

The Overpaid Teacher examines what teachers really make by Ryan in I Thought a Think.

Campus Groto examines Student Loan Debt.


The Bard Blog cautions us against misreading Shakespeare in Now is NOT the Winter of Our Discontent.

Personality of Teaching examines mistakes made when asking students for comments.

FruitPunch Diary offers how to study for a test (hint, study everything)

American Consumer News posts on General Mills Box Tops for Children.

Great College Advice advises on how many extracurricular activities students should engage in.

That’s All Folks!

Submit an article to the next carnival or send to colossusofrhodey (at) gmail (dot) com Entires are due Tuesday, February 6th, no later than 6:00 PM (Eastern) 3:00 PM (Pacific).

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