Film School For Video Podcasters Trailer

For the K12 Online Conference I will be presenting Film School for Video Podcasters.

The inspiration behind my presentation is seeing a rise in the amount of student and teacher video making over the past couple of years while seeing very little increase in artistic quality. I hope to show in my twenty minute presentation a few simple tips for making better movies (whether you podcast them or not) that use a visual language and increase students’ ability to analyze media critically.

Here is a preview of my upcoming presentation:

If you cannot see the movie above (because it is blocked at your school site) please view the movie on TeacherTube below. It’s the same movie but it plays better on Youtube (above) if that’s an option):

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10 Responses to “Film School For Video Podcasters Trailer”

  1. Scott S. Floyd Says:

    Can’t wait. Looks like a great one to attend! Count me in, Mathew.

  2. Mathew Says:

    Thanks Scott for checking out the trailer. I’m excited too.

  3. Alec Couros Says:

    This looks great Matthew! I’m really looking forward to the presentation.

  4. Elona Hartjes Says:

    I’m looking forward to your presentation, too. But you know what, I really want to be in your grade one class! 🙂

  5. Kevin Says:

    count me in as an excited viewer, Matt.
    Can’t wait

  6. Amy Kenyon Says:

    I look forward to your K12online preso.


  7. Nicole Green Says:

    Hi Matthew!

    Really looking forward to this! I am especially interested in *cheap* lighting techniques and how to use chromakey in videos! Good stuff, as always! (BTW, is that you commentating the video? Just wondering if you had the budget to hire a voice-over narrator! LOL Take care!

  8. Mathew Says:


    Yes, that’s me narrating. My friend offered but it was fun to do it myself.

  9. Kyle Lichtenwald Says:

    Very cool Mathew. This definitely piques my interests.

  10. Barbara Neiman Says:

    When do you have the time to do this fabulous stuff? Do you sleep?
    Looking forward to “tuning in” and always ready to learn from you.

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