Carnival of Education #191

It’s been an honor and a pleasure to find these gems from the edublogosphere this week in this the It’s October 1st, Are You Sick of Halloween Yet? edition of the Carnival of Education.

Classroom Management or How to Deal With Students Coming Down From a Halloween Sugar High…

Elona Hartjes reminds us that a Positive Attitude is Key to Maintaining a Positive Classroom Environment.

No Trick or Treater Left Behind

NCLB:  Looking Backward and Forward in eduwonkette.

Teachers to the Rescue! Is it always a problem when students don’t understand? asks Mark Pullen.

Can We Even Reach Every Student? asks Joel in So You Want to Teach.

Courage, Do You Have It? in the Reading Workshop discusses what it takes for students to face failure and still succeed.

Some districts give high test score credit to students who don’t even show up! in the Core Knowledge Blog.

Things To Do Instead of Trick or Treating…

The Trash Can Game:  Teach Kids to Reduce Trash by Judy Sommers.

Make Ice Cream or at least give students the skills they need to be the ice cream makers of the future by Diane Weir.

Make Lemonade.

Play Some Video Games, or wait, will it make kids more or less obese than eating Halloween candy?  Sharp Brains weighs in and then offers Brain Teasers for when you’re done.

Get Philosophical with Miss Profe.

Get a Master’s Degree in Right on the Left Coast.

I Found A Piece of Educational Technology in my Candy…

Larry Ferlazzo, dressed as a top ten list for Halloween this year, presents the Best Web 2.0 Applications for Education in 2008.

Tech & Te(a)ch Is edtech helping or hurting? asks Travis a Wittwer.

Tom Woodward had something to say about this too in There Are No Shortcuts.

Scott McLeod surveys to find out if we’ve made any progress in technology integration since last year.

Thanks to Skype, Pat’s No Longer on the Outside Looking In.

Mark Graybill tries out open source operating systems in class and reports the results.

Trick or Treat or Math and Science…

SteveSpangler (the cool science experiments guy) tells us how to make Giant Soap Bubbles.

The Science Goddess is back from being AWOL to ask What Is the Purpose of Teaching Science?

Mrs. Bluebird asks Science Lab to Stay After Class.

Nucleus Learning tells us How to Teach Science.

Math Is Fun Too

Green Eggs and Math. Mister Teacher  hates open-ended questions.

Bobbing for Votes

A Mathematician for President (hint: he’s not currently running), the story of James Garfield by Let’s Play Math.

Election 2008:  A Lesson on Media Bias by the Tempered Radical

Scary Costumes

Grades:  A Necessary Evil by Travis A Wittwer who trick-or-treated by this carnival twice.

Tweenteacher finds herself in a passionate battle between angry fans of the Twilight novels and asks what her role is in the debate? Then she reviews Breaking Down by Stephanie Meyer.

Reign of Terror in NYC Educator.

Instincts in Under Assault:  Teaching in NYC.

Trick or Treaters Who Can’t Get Along…

Is TSL the Answer? Should we reduce Total Student Loads? asks Joanne Jacobs.

Essential Conflict in Leader Talk argues that a little conflict is just what the field of education needs.

Old Andrew reports on the second part of his Holiday from Hell.

The Real Job of Socialization in Life Without Schools

Education Problem Solving 101 by Dave Saba

Law Vibe reports on NYU Students Paying Cash for Class.

In this corner, learning styles are important…now fight it out…enjoy the match at Lead from the Start.

Students suspended for a barbecue in the school parking lot.

$700 Billion Dollar Candy Bailout

Blues, Basements, and Bailouts: A kid’s eye view of the crisis and other thoughts from Bellringers.

The Culture of No Fail Failure, History is Elementary, asks if we’ve sunk to the point where we no longer allow failure.

Wholesome Costumes

Family values in my home town by Nancy Flanagan.

After the Candy

How Do You Still Love Teaching (Let Me Count the Ways?) asks Tracey Rosen.

A Musical Interlude

Are First Act Musical Instruments Worth the Price? asks Thomas J. West.

Bill Cowher’s Piano Lessons

Trick or Treating Without Leaving the House:  Homeschooling

Homeschool Memoirs

Does Anyone Still Read Books Anymore?

Jane Goodwin does.  How about that jacob in Sarah, Plain and Tall?

And the story of The Milkman.

And that’s all folks!  Submit an article to the next carnival here.


10 Responses to “Carnival of Education #191”

  1. Heather Wolpert-Gawron Says:

    Hey Matthew,
    Thanks for including me in this spoooky edition of the Carnival. Great post and a fun read. Well done, and thanks again for everything.
    aka Heather Wolpert-Gawron

  2. Darren Says:

    Muchas gracias for including my posts. I enjoyed the theme of this Carnival as well.

  3. Mamacita Says:

    Great Carnival! Thank you so much for including me!

  4. Travis A. Wittwer Says:

    Mathew “Needles” Needleman, Thanks for scaring up this monstrously great collection of ghoulish blogs and ghastly posts. I have been pulled in by scaly arms while walking down the dark path of some of them. A hollowing good brew.

  5. Steve Spangler Says:

    Great carnival, I love the Halloween theme. Thanks for including me!


  6. Miss Amanda Says:

    Thanks for including me. I mentioned your carnival on my blog:
    Miss Amanda

  7. Mark Says:

    Thanks for including my post, and thanks for hosting!

  8. Elementaryhistoryteacher Says:

    I can’t wait to start working my way through these! Thanks for including my very unusual rant. 🙂

  9. Elona Hartjes Says:

    Thanks for posting my article. The carnival is a great way to meet people as well as learn from others.

  10. Lance Says:

    Nice carnival. Glad I stumbled upon it!


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