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What Good Teaching Looks Like: Digital Research

As per the Common Core State Standards students must incorporate digital research in their work.  I interpret this to mean that students need a twenty-first century version of book sense.  We used to teach students how to find books in … Continue reading

Royalty Free Photos, Music, and Video List (Updated)

Here is my updated list of Royalty Free Resources for multimedia projects, including photo and music options.  I’ve also included this list as a permanent page on my blog, accessible on the right hand side under pages.  I’ve tried to … Continue reading

Royalty Free Resources

Royalty Free Images a free product of Tech4Learning—these are images donated for classroom use I always start here in the classroom because there are no inappropriate images and the site is simple enough so that I have taught first … Continue reading

More on Copyrights, Fair Use, and the Classroom

Since my presentation, “Steal This Preso:  Copyrights, Fair Use, and Pirates in the Classroom” I’m on the lookout for classroom copyright resources to share with you.  I found these blog posts interesting: 1.  Mr. Mayo has a skype visit from … Continue reading

Steal This Preso (K12Online09) Now Live!

My presentation for this year’s K12Online Conference, Steal This Preso: Copyrights, Fair Use, and Pirates in the Classroom!, is now live and viewable below.  I’ve also included links to my favorite royalty free media sites and additional resources below. The Presentation … Continue reading