First Day of School Activities

excerpted from Classroom Management for

First Day of School Activities

Lots of First Day Activities from Cape Brenton Victoria School Board

First Day of School Activities by Katie Hallum

First Days of School Script for Teachers by Katie Hallum

Back to School Preparation Checklist and Month by Month Schedule for First Grade by Terry Analore

Everybody Needs A Rock Activity by Jan Tappan

Activities for First Day by Scholastic

Interest Inventory for getting to know your students

Nine Questions to Ask Students on First Day of School by Elona Hartes

101 Things to Do on the First Day of School

Math Activities for the Beginning of the Year

Article: Reviewing the Steps to Take Before Starting the Year

Ice Breakers

Kathy Schrock’s First Day Activities/Ice Breakers

Teachnology Ice Breakers

Ice Breaker List

Ice Breakers and Warm Ups

Welcome Letters

These can be adapted for any grade level and were created using Printshop:

First Grade

Second Grade (Spanish/English)

More sample Letters from Scholastic

First Day of School Read Alouds

First Day of School Books

Also Worth Reading

Things to do before starting year of Open Court Reading

Back to School, It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Classroom Management Articles

Have a great year if you haven’t started already!

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  1. Thanks for all these suggestions and taking the time to post them. Also, thanks for putting a link to my blog.

    Bye the way, I like the marathon idea rather than the sprint idea of going back to school.

  2. The information I have gained on this website will be so helpful in my future of becoming a teacher! I am so excited to use many of the icebreaker activities. Also, I feel that incorporating the technology piece into the classroom is very important for the students. This is not only for the fact that students need to learn more about the ever changing and growing technology of the world, but also that it is typically a motivational piece. I feel that there is so much information on this blog that I could just look all day!!

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