Understanding Technology in the Common Core Standards

I’m reviewing technology use in the Common Core Standards this morning and thought I would share a few resources I’ve found for better understanding them.  Remember that I am based in California so the information related specifically to our state might not apply to you directly.

What is the difference between California standards and the Common Core?

There is a lot of overlap.  However, the Common Core standards are based on college and career readiness standards.  The Common Core:

  • Focus to a greater extent on text complexity and drawing information from sourcesAs I interpret this, students now have to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different text sources (including digital) and comprehend information that comes from media  as well as text.
  • Address reading and writing across the curriculumThere’s reading in science as well as reading in language arts.  All disciplines require writing
  • Where’s the technology?Technology is a tool rather than a set of isolated standards.  I like this.  The Common Core speaks generally about students choosing a variety of texts (including digital) and publishing writing in a variety of formats including digital.

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  1. Thank you! I’m going to be teaching a K-5 technology class next year (a move from 2nd grade), and this will be really helpful.

  2. I like the common core standards because it is content focus and add more use of technology. Common core will be a great change for schools because it will prepare students for college and they will be able to pass entrance exams.

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