Fluency Timer Now Available for iPad/iPod/iPhone

My desktop app, Fluency Timer, is now available for the iOS (iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches). The app provides an adjustable timer with integrated voice recording to allow teachers, parents, and students to easily record student fluency readings. It’s designed simply so that even primary age students can use the app to record themselves reading.

Research has shown that having students listen to themselves reading increases reading fluency, particularly for English Language Learners.  While there are many capable voice recorders, I wanted an app that would stop after a predetermined amount of time and not go on forever.  Having it stop on its own means that I can focus on listening to students reading and not have to keep an eye on the clock.  Teachers can use the app with students or set it up as an instant center activity.

By recording fluency readings, teachers can review them for patterns of errors and play them back for students, parents, and colleagues.

Download the pro version to eliminate advertisements and add the ability to transfer multiple recordings to your desktop:


The app allows you to individually e-mail recordings.  The length of the timer can be adjusted.

More information about the app and the different versions is available at fluency timer.net

5 thoughts on “Fluency Timer Now Available for iPad/iPod/iPhone”

  1. I wanted to use this – but you have it set up so it only counts down. On the fluency testing we do – we have a set passage and the students read until they are finished. I need something that starts at zero and counts up. Am I just missing how to do this?

    1. You’re correct that Fluency Timer is a countdown timer/recorder. However, there are many apps already available that do what you’re looking for. Try Garageband.

  2. It is nice to know that technology pushes applications like this that both benefits teachers and students.

  3. This sounds like a great app to use while doing interventions on a student in reading. The app will not only allow the student to hear the mistakes that were made, but it also allows the teacher to see assess the mistakes.

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