Royalty Free Images Part 2

Here’s a followup to my earlier list of royalty free images.

Additions by Janice Stearns…creative commons licensed…all require attribution:

Long list from Terry Roberts


Free Image Database

NASA Images

Royalty Free Clip Art

Additional royalty free image list  by Larry Ferlazzo

and royalty free music/sound effects list by Larry Ferlazzo

And my original list of favorites is still here.

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7 Responses to “Royalty Free Images Part 2”

  1. teach5 Says:

    My understanding is that “royalty free” does not mean free, necessarily. Only that you don’t pay for every time that an image is used. I used a “royalty free image on my blog awhile back, then when I researched it, I took it off and replaced it. I might not have really had a problem, but I didn’t WANT a problem either……….

  2. Mathew Says:


    What you’re saying is true…sometimes you pay once for something and then can use it again and again without paying royalties and that can be called royalty free.

    The sites I’m recommending though are really free and you can use them as you wish and never pay. However, they do require that you give credit to the author.

  3. paul bogush Says:

    Here are a few:

  4. Elona Says:

    Thanks for these sites. Since they aren’t blocked here at school my students will be able to actually use them in their blogs.

    Ps-I’m having quite a challenging time getting my grade 12 students to finish their videos. Come to think of it, my experience would make a good what not to do video when working with struggling/reluctant students. This is my first time doing this ,and I was totally unaware of all the pitfalls there were. I’m taking good notes!

  5. Mathew Says:

    Hi Elona,

    I’d be interested in hearing of your moviemaking challenges. I’m glad to hear these sites are of use.

  6. Elona Says:

    Some of the problems are due to the fact that the kids are working in groups when making the videos but there are lots of attendance problems so that some groups are always missing members. That slows everything down. The other problem I had was the batteries for the Ultr Flip died and I couldn’t find the new ones. Also the bulb burned out in the LCD cart and I am having difficulty getting a replacement $300. Some kids have finished filming and some haven’t even started. Today 2/3 of my kids skipped class and the others were too tired and recovering from March Break. One kid told me she was out all night until 7 and slept all day and now is having trouble getting adjusted to school. She’s 15. We haven’t got to the editing part yet. I wonder what surprises are in store for us during the editing.

  7. CJ Says:

    People can also use for free royalty free photos and images. Safe and easy for children and their parents to use.

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