, New Web Site for Treasures Reading Program

Many of my blog readers have followed me from my web site Open Court ( which compiles resources for teaching the Open Court Reading Program.  I developed that site over eight or so years, starting with first grade resources I was sharing with teachers at my school site and expanding to include pre-K through 6th grade resources.  Eventually, teachers from across the country were submitting their own resources which I added to my own and made available for free to everyone.   The web site receives tens of thousands of visits each day and I am continuing to update it.

However, my school district has adopted the Treasures Reading Program and by popular demand I’m attempting to provide teachers resources for the new series at

The new program has different editions in every state and I’m trying as best as possible to make the site relevant to everyone.  Teachers from different states can use resources from other states because there’s usually at least a 40%-50% overlap in materials.

So far I have banners for the big question board, powerpoints, spelling and vocabulary activities, and much more.  Resources vary by grade level and I’m adding stuff all the time.  As always, everything on the site is free.

If you’re teaching Treasures Reading, I hope you find the site of use and will send in resources you’re creating.  Check it out and become a fan on Facebook.

2 Responses to “, New Web Site for Treasures Reading Program”

  1. Darrius Mooney Says:

    I believe that this is a great idea! Teachers from all over are basically sharing, learning, and providing resources to one another. was an incredible idea, and I believe that many educators will benefit from this website. Some states may have some resources that other states may not have which causes some of the states to excel while the rest plummet. But now, due to Treasure students in different states are able to learn the same curricula.

  2. Hillary Parmer Says:

    I think that what you are doing is awesome! I know that many, many teachers will and are benefiting from your site. Whenever I become a teacher, I will definitely have to check back on the site!

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