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Video in the Classroom Carnival #4

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Video in the Classroom Carnival #4 comes a month early.  There were just too many good tips and examples to hold off another month.

Video Production Examples from the Trenches

Mr. Moses’s middle schoolers’ productions.  I particularly enjoyed The Clumsy Ninja for its dry sense of humor and well thought out shot selection.

Los Angeles County Digital Voice Award Winners

6th Grade Puppet Shows from Kevin Hodgson’s class.

Kelly Dumont’s elementary film festival winners.

Professional Examples

Alec Couros posts a list of tons of great Youtube videos for teaching technology and media literacy including my own, Mr. Winkle Wakes.


The Substance of Style. A series of film essays on the influences of Wes Anderson.  Watch these to help train your eye on what to look for in teaching and evaluating film.

Literacy Status:  Its Complicated, Tom Woodward asks us to think about how we’re teaching literacy.  Have we redefined it?  Have we let tools take over technique?

Let the Beat Build.  Dan Meyer explains why this music video rocks.


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About iMovie ’09 (But Were Afraid to Ask) from Yours Truly.

The Best Cinematic Tutorials Online from Smashing Magazine.

Normalizing Audio in Final Cut Pro by Larry Jordan (also check out his free FCP newsletter)

Lesson Plans

Case Study:  Video Production in Elementary

Video in the Classroom Carnival #3

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Frank Guttler lets us into his planning for his class at Poly High in A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and reports on his journey to Doha to see How Flat the World Is.

Christina shares her classroom holiday movies.

Joe Brennan presents the best resources for Making Movies on the Web:

Bob Sprankle shares his own digital story, The Wind Blows It All Away.

Kevin Hodgson relates digital storytelling to traditional teaching objectives in When Stories Go Digital.

Dan Meyer wonders if teaching How to make movies is enough to teach one to make art?

Shannon Tobaldo presents her eighth grade students’ work.

Larry Ferlazzo presents his own Digital Storytelling Resources.

And Karen Foerch taught me a new trick for downloading Youtube videos…
Every youtube video has it’s own url. Go to the video you want. Make sure you see the video you want. Go to the address bar and type pwn after the www. like this:


It goes to another page. Download as an mp4 and save.

Royalty Free Zone

The Free Music Archive is a promising looking source for music.
25 Awesome Places to Find Stock Photos

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Video in the Classroom Blog Carnival #1

Monday, December 1st, 2008

I have renamed the Digital Storytelling Carnival to the Video in the Classroom Blog Carnival with this which would be edition #7. As before, the carnival spotlights blog articles on using video production in the classroom which includes digital storytelling and general video production. I’ve come to understand that digital storytelling refers to a specific genre of movies and think it’s time I stop confusing the two (sorry about that).

And now, on with the show…

Classroom Examples

Kevin Hodgson presents his students clay animation projects cleverly written to show examples of literary elements such as foreshadowing and characterization.

Christina shares an Alphabet Movie made with Animoto and shares the process of making the movie as well as some thoughts on Digital Storytelling and Shel Silverstein.

Spooky Book Trailers from Sonja Cole.

Mr. Mayo presents Short Films by Middle Schoolers.

Steven Kimmi shares A Day at Schilling Elementary.

Professional Examples

Esquire Magazine presents the Five Most Misleading Propoganda Films of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

Oral History: Telling Their Stories
Survivors of wars, the Holocaust, and Japanese internment camps share their stories.

Geography at the Movies, non-profit site for sharing movies of different locations around the world.


Wesley Fryer presents Research Based Suggestions for the Digital Storytelling Process as well as Examples of Digital Storytelling Projects.

A Research Report on Student Generated Videos in the Classroom.


Larry Ferlazzo gives us the Best Ways for Students to Create Online Videos (Using Someone Else’s Content)

Royalty Free Music and Images Resources


Film School for Video Podcasters. My own presentation on how to make better classroom movies.

How to use a green screen by way of Alec Couros.

Video in the Classroom FAQ

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

I frequently get wonderful e-mails from teachers who’ve discovered our class films. They have some questions in them so I decided it was time to answer a couple of them.   If you have questions after reading, please post those questions below as a comment. -Mathew

1. How did you get started?

My Filmmaking Background

I just turned 31 and I’ve been making films since fifth grade. My junior year of high school I made my first feature, a ninety minute tale of unrequited love.

I went to NYU film school for a year but left over fears of spending too much for a degree which might not have career possibilities. I took any tuition money I had left after freshman year and bought a digital video camera and the top of the line Apple G3 and made my movie. (You might say there was a theme to my films).

Video in the Classroom: My Start in the Ed-Biz

I have been a teacher for seven years but have been integrating video in the classroom for twelve years.  I began working in the after school program at Community Magnet School right after high school. There I worked with Martha Melinda who taught me how to direct children and about how they like special effects.

When I had my own classroom, I spent my first two years making sure I knew what I was doing in terms of teaching the curriculum and completing coursework to obtain a teaching credential. I advise new teachers to do the same, make sure you know your curriculum before you start integrating technology. But once I had a credential, I didn’t feel like I had any excuse not to start integrating technology.

How Should I Get Started?

I compiled some links here to tutorials and film tips.  There’s a lot to know but you don’t have to know everything to get started.  Just get started, begin to play and work out your technique as you go.  I recommend the book, Film Directing Shot by Shot for help when you’re ready to start planning your shots and a one-to-one membership at the Apple Store if you’re using the Mac and want software lessons.

How Do You Get Your Audio So Clear?

Proximity is number one rule.  If you record from across the room, you can’t hear, particularly with younger students who talk quietly when they’re nervous.  Get the microphone close and practice projecting before filming.

My microphone cost $300 five years ago. It’s a BeyerDynamic MCE86 shotgun microphone. I also have a microphone stand ($30) which holds in place in a shock mount of sorts. For “Tales from the Yard” students sat right under the microphone as they recorded their voices into Garageband on my iBook. That’s my only secret. Also turn up the volume as loud as you can. Today, there are other microphones that might be much cheaper and give you equally good sound. The cheapest microphone would be better than using the built in mics on your camera or computer.

iMovie '08 Bootcamp Links

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Links for iMovie ’08 Bootcamp Class at LACOE.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple’s Shortcuts

Macworld article on getting back iMovie ’06 features

iMovie ’08 Tutorials

Apple’s Tutorials

Movie Making Tutorials

San Fernando High School Teacher, Marco Torres

Video in the
My site for elementary filmmaking

AFI Screen Education


Storyboard Template

Storyboarding Movie

Screenplay to Storyboarding Movie

DVDs with Storyboards:

Monsters Inc.
Shrek I

Recommended Reading

Film Directing Shot by Shot by Steve Katz

Copyright and Fair Use

Hall Davidson Chart

Royalty Free Images

Royalty Free Music

Scroll down for list

Web Sites for downloading Youtube videos for free and shareware software

quasi-movie making web site and visual voicemail

Programs Mentioned

not free but makes cool titles

free program for downloading Youtube movies

free program for getting media off of DVDs


Download iMovie’ 06 (if you’ve bought iMovie ’08 and don’t have it)


professional networks for teachers

Classroom 2.0 video group

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Digital Students/Analog Schools

Ira Glass on Storytelling

SFETT San Fernando Valley Student Film Festival