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Comprehension Strategies Posters V.3

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Last year, I posted a redesign of the comprehension strategies we use with our reading series. I’ve tweaked the posters a bit and am now re-posting them.

For the uninitiated, the explicit teaching of reading strategies is supported by current research on reading comprehension instruction.  (See Put Reading First for more information).

A few versions of these posters have been circulated in my district.  What I tried to do was to replace meaningless clip-art with visuals that better support the actual strategy as per design ideas widely circulated amongst bloggers.

As I’ve been using the strategy posters in the classroom, I’ve decided to change them again to make them a little bit easier to read and  more user friendly.  If you have any feedback on them please let me know.

Comprehension Strategy Posters

Comprehension Strategy Wall Chart

Comprehension Strategy Bookmark (pictured, above left)

Comprehension Strategy Cheat Sheet

Comprehension Strategy Powerpoint

Update:  I’ve already made some subtle changes to the cards in terms of readabilty and consistency.  The above links lead to the revised cards.  Thanks for the feedback already received and keep it coming.