The Low Tech Way to Show Youtube Movies in School

By request, I’m posting the steps to showing youtube movies in class the “low tech” way. For those with the technological know-how, I prefer using the firefox plugin “Download Helper” or a site like, however, this is for teachers with little tech know-how and a laptop. Of course, all of these methods are designed to get around district blocking of youtube. If youtube is not blocked in your district, there is no need for any of these.

1. Visit from home on your laptop.

2. Load a youtube movie that you want to show in class. (You can also load multiple movies in multiple movies)

3. Make sure the movie completely loads, by watching the red bar on the bottom of the movie.

4. Close the laptop (BUT DO NOT CLOSE THE WINDOW) and that movie is now ready to show in school.

If you close the browser window, the movie is gone. However, as long as you leave that window open, and the movie has fully loaded, the movie will play in class.

9 Responses to “The Low Tech Way to Show Youtube Movies in School”

  1. Elona Hartjes Says:

    Thanks for the low tech way. What a great idea.t

  2. Kimberly Wagner Says:

    In our schools we aren’t allowed to connect a laptop to the school system. We could book a digital projector, but that can be a bit of a nuisance as well. I use Real Player to download the video as a flash video and then import it into Smart Notebook (for the Smartboard), so this is a good option if you have a Smartboard. If only the school system allowed me to just play the flash video!!

  3. Crystal Rutherford Says:

    I think this is a great way of explaining how to download and view a youtube video for your classroom. I think this can be useful for anyone wanting to show a youtube video. I have very minimal experience with youtube in general, so any self hep instruction is very helpful. Check out my class blog at classblog

  4. Alexa Scordato Says:

    It’s awesome that you show a way around the school district’s blocking of youtube! It can definitely be a viable learning tool and a great way to get kids engaged in the classroom. I think the biggest challenge is getting teachers to become more proficient using new technologies and championing schools to embrace the web.

    Alexa, Community manager MAT@USC

  5. adam Says:

    I think its a great way to get kids engaged in the classroom.

  6. Allison Sells Says:

    I think it is great when the good guys find a way to beat the system. It’s even better when they share it with everyone. Thanks. I am not teaching yet but this will be great information should I need to use it. I also enjoyed the comment from Kimberly Wagner on how she uses her smart board and real player to Youtube videos as flash videos to her class.

  7. education Says:

    Thanks for this. I used it the other day in our class and the kids loved it. So much easier. If you can post more of these types of tips that would be great.

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    […]  The low-tech way.  Load the movie, close the laptop (but not the window) and bring the computer to school.  If […]

  9. Brittany Says:

    I really love you gave intsructions on how to download a youtube video in the classroom. I think that with all of the technological advances, people are learning to appreciate youtube now, rather than be opposed to it as they were in the past.

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